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One of Politi's best qualities is her patience. She never gave herself enough credit for that. My softball performance my junior year was awful. I messed up at least three games for my team single-handedly. I remember being afraid of the ball in the beginning of the season. The day of our first game she told me to get to school a little earlier. She had me put on all of my catcher's equipment, put my hands behind my back, and get down on my knees on a mat. She stood there and threw softballs at me to prove to me that if I got hit in the game, it would not hurt. She was also very patient when it came to my personal problems during softball; such as my friend getting killed in a car accident the week after softball started senior year, and my when my father had his heart attack the following week.

She never gave up on me. My junior year, for some odd reason she had me in the starting line-up either as catcher or designated hitter, every game but one. This lady had more confidence in me than I did in myself. She always seemed to think that I could do it or handle it, on and of the field. She seemed to be that way with all of her athletes. Her expectations are so high. I feel that that is a positive thing as opposed to a negative. With her expecting so much from us, and knowing that we were going to run a lot if we did not reach them, it made us play at other levels; some of which I could not believe we could play at. For myself, with knowing what she expected from me, it made me not only...