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The Softbank holding company controls over 600 internet and technology-related companies all over the world. It has become one of the largest distributors of software and technology-related products as well as a provider of internet based information. Softbank Group has its foot in many fields of business: IT-related distribution and E-commerce, Financial services, Publishing and marketing, Internet infrastructure, Technology service and Broadcast media. Softbank acquires high profile internet companies and invests millions worldwide in long-term internet technologies. It is the largest investor in the world in the internet e-commerce and technology related areas - Softbank Group holds 7-8% ownership in the internet and e-commerce industry worldwide.

Softbank represents one of the few Japanese companies with significant entrepreneurial potential and future growth prospects. Shift in its core competence and long-term strategies resulted from massive growth in the internet and technology-related markets in the US, Japan and Western Europe. It plans to become one of the largest internet and technology communication companies in the world.

In the next 5 years, it will become a major force in the internet and technology-related software distribution areas. But this is only a prediction - without the proper management and much-needed refocusing, the goal may not be easily attained.

Although Softbank may seem like it has no problems or weaknesses, they do. Softbank is impacted by heightened global competition and challenged by the newcomers in the industry. There are also many other problem areas Softbank needs to address. These include: How can Softbank become a household name in the US? What needs to be done about accumulated debt, and also how can it be avoided in the future? How can stock price be held steady and strong? In which sectors can we maintain a competitive advantage vs. Which ones need to be dropped?

Softbank wants to...