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In times, as now, Technology plays an important role in all aspects of our life. Advances in telecommunications and in computer technology have brought us to the information revolution. The rapid growth of the technology such as telephone, mobile phone, satellite, computer networks had lead us to the latest revolution and also it is bring us to the newest style of crime, which is what I call "Software Crime". Alternatively, in most cases we can say this is about software piracy. Software crime is generally defined as any crime accomplished through special knowledge of software technology. Increasing instances of professional crime involve computers as more businesses automate and information becomes an important asset. Software piracy are about copying the original software without any permission from the author/artist or company who contribute and have rights to the software it self. On the other words we can say that nowadays they (author, designers, artist or company) need protection to avoid from being copying the original artwork, in this case is multimedia software.

Yes indeed, cause they are the people whose rights should be protected by law against other people who copy their work. We use to call this "copyrights". What is a copyright?

Copyright, trademark and patent are all tree forms of Intellectual Property, as now are growing in importance, but copyright holds pride of price beside that there are moral rights which is key to and individual's ownership. Intellectual Property it self is expression or knowledge that is owned by someone. To receive copyright protection, "a work must be "original" and must be "fixed" in tangible medium of expression"("fixed in any tangible medium of expression" are includes a piece of paper and computer disk or tape). It is free and automatically safe guards your original work of art, literature, music, film,