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Pretty much everyone has used Microsoft Word at one time or another. Everyone has used it, from typing up this essay to doing genealogy research or writing a letter to a friend. But who created the program? Sure, Microsoft did, but who in Microsoft helped make it? Well it was a collection of computer programmers, beta testers, and software engineers. Why being a software engineer appeals most to me is that it requires the broadest knowledge of different material and has the greatest area for advancement.

First, what do software engineers do? Software engineers have a wide range of duties to do on a job, from researching what a customer would want in a program, help in the designing and developing of a program, to programming and testing the program so that it works as designed. Other duties include train professional staff so they understand the programs and how they work, present and talk about the programs to potential customers, write up technical reports and books among other things.

Where do software engineers work? Most work inside in front of a computer most of the time or walking around help and checking on the project. If the company needs to, they will send their engineers to other places for consulting with clients in other areas. But some larger companies might not do that and will have their engineers duties defined, so travel is not ensured in this field. Companies that hire software engineers are normally wireless companies, information management design companies, telecommunications companies, engineering research and development department of manufacturing companies, the Federal Government, the Military, and many others.

How much do software engineers get paid and what is their job outlook? According to California Labor Market Information (LMI) which I found with EUREKA, as of 2003, software engineers...