Software Piracy

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Computers and computer software have come a long way in the last 10 to 15 years. It used to be that people used their PC's for very common practice and a game or two. Now people use their PC's for playing games with others through the means of the Internet. They also use their PC's for organizing pictures, memory books, building homes, music, making movies, etc. The means of using computers are almost endless. Software is what allows us to do these things. The market for software is so large that at times it is confusing as to which software one wants to use or should use. Software has made it to all new heights allowing the average American to do at home what they would pay a pretty penny for someone else to do for them. Along with that pretty penny comes the ticket price of that software.

Software has become one of those commodities that some just don't want to pay for. The question here is "Should we be angered by this and against it or not?"

Lets face the facts and realize that to even the average PC user software is a major part of our lives. Anyone is able to pirate software and now there is even software that helps to get through those little bugs that keep us from pirating the software, which also costs money. The software in itself cost a pretty good amount of money depending on what software one wants and how much they are willing to spend.

What is Pirated Software?

Software piracy is unauthorized copying of computer software. Who does it? Anyone and everyone can do it and does. The average pirating goes on within friends and family for the means of sharing the software. Why do they...