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While Northside High school isn't certainly the worst high school it still has its faults. Every school has them, but Northside has some that directly affect me. The best example would be the school paper in which I am the editor for. I have written for it ever since ninth grade. Now in my eleventh grade year our newspaper class has a new teacher and with the new teacher a came the worst newspapers Northside has ever produced. It shouldn't be blamed it solely on the teacher because there were other factors making Northside's newspaper bad such as a lack of experienced writers and a lack of resources and support.

Mr. Asbury, the teacher for our Northside newspaper, is the biggest reason our school newspaper has taken such a nosedive in quality. He never allows the reporters ever write any interesting stories, so the reporters are left covering the least interesting things that nobody would be concerned with reading at all; because, the students could, frankly, careless than to read a whole story on how a student won a DAR (Daughters of the American Revolution) award or other things that hold little interest to the students of Northside.

Mr. Asbury is way too concerned with offending people and he finds that it is more important to make sure everyone is not offended at all than have any quality at all. He also will not let the Northside newspaper staff write anything unless it directly affects the students at Northside.

Most of the staff is not happy with the newspaper, and a high quantity of the staff our first year students of the newspaper so they don't know what it was like to write under anyone else. The fact that we have so many inexperienced writers directly affects the...