Solar energy

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Today we rely on gas and oil as fuel for our houses. There are two problems with using gasses and oil they are, gasses and oil pollute a lot and also we are funning out of these fuels. Pretty soon we will have run out of fuels for our houses and cars. Solar energy is a good alterative energy source. Solar energy can be found in Texas.

It's a very clean source of energy. Solar energy works by letting the panels take in the sun and heat up water which makes steam and turns turbines that cerate energy. I think solar energy will be a saving grace in the future.

If you go to Texas today you might see big panels in the middle of the dessert. Those are what solar cells look like. They are big panels with something inside off them. That thing inside of them is called a silicon cell. This takes in the suns rays and converts it into heat the heat then go into a tank where it heats up water and the water gives off steam. The steam turns turbines and the spinning of the turbines makes energy.

Most of the gasses and oil that we use today pollute a lot. Not solar energy though, solar energy is on of the cleanest ways to get energy that we know of.

I know all this is sounding great but there is one down side to solar energy. That is, what do you do at night or on a cloudy day? You need ether a backup source of energy or a lot of stored energy. We are still trying to make a battery that can hold that much energy and charge quickly enough to have every night or when ever you need it.

I think we should give solar energy a try, and some people already have. Have you ever passed by a house with a shinny panel on a sunny day? If you have then you've seen solar energy at work. Solar energy is becoming more and more popular as we run out of gasses and oil. Even my teacher has solar panels on her house.

Although some people are opposed to solar energy I think they will

be happy to have it when there is no other way to get power.

As you can see, solar energy is a great way to get energy. Like every thing else though it has up sides and down sides to it. Still it is becoming more popular as we run out of options for fuels. I think solar energy is a great thing to have and I think we should all try it.