To A Soldier- It's Air

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"I'm being ripped apart not being next to you." Valerie wiped the free flowing tears from her sky blue eyes and folded the letter written on the oh-so-familiar stationary. She laid on her bed, wishing Greg were there, saying those words to her face instead of on paper.

Valerie and Greg were best friends and lovers. They had been united for three years when Greg decided to join the Marines. As she looked outside, she saw a miniature white snowflake fall to the icy ground. As it fell, she began to cry when she remembered what day it was. It was three short years ago today they had began their relationship.

She took up out of bed and her lengthy tan legs started to pace around the gargantuan, lonely room. As she passed the full length mirror, she glanced into it. She moved her extended blonde strands out of her eyes, and she saw herself- average height, attractively thin; elongated legs; blonde hair about four inches past her shoulders, and light blue eyes.

Every guy wanted to be with her, and every girl wanted to be her.

Along the sides of the mirror were various pictures of her and her other half through out the years. A few at the local county fair; quite a few from all of the different parties and proms they had attended together; and many just of them hanging out. Whenever she gazed at the photos, Valerie never paid any attention to herself. Her wandering mind was always on her beloved Greg.

Greg was a elevated Italian man, with dark tan skin. He had stunted black hair and especially dark eyes. He was built, and like Valerie, everyone wanted to either be him or be with him.

Valerie didn't understand why Greg had left. She found herself miserable everyday. She never would have thought she'd go one day without talking or seeing him, and now it had been months. They kept their loving relationship going throughout the distance, and whenever Valerie had a minute she would take her pen and paper and sit down next to her photo covered mirror. Here she would envelop herself with all their memories and pour her lonely heart out onto the paper.

Now that Greg was gone, she felt all unaided. She had no one to turn to. She yearned to have her best friend back in her longing arms. She had two, very long weeks left, and then the two love birds would be together again. She couldn't wait. The once miserable, deserted girl was now always smiling and flighty about everything. Her life was finally going back to normal.

The day her soul mate came back she couldn't contain her cheerfulness. She woke up at the crack of dawn and looked outside. Although she knew it was winter, the sun was as intense as a summer's day. There wasn't a solitary cloud in the sky.

Valerie went with Greg's mother and brothers' to the airport to welcome Greg home. As he came into the airport, her heart began to melt all over again. He said his hello's to his mother and brothers and then stopped to look at Valerie.

Although his physical features had changed unbelievably, Valerie knew he still loved her. She could tell by the look on his face that he was just as ecstatic to see her as she was to see him. They embraced each other and as they stopped, Greg declared how happy he was she wrote to him everyday. All Valerie heard was, "to a Soldier- it's air." As they both looked up into each other's eyes, they heard "say cheese." A flash came over their smiling faces. Yet one more picture for Valerie's mirror.