Soldier's Heart by Gary Paulsen

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The story of soldiers heart was written by Gary Paulsen, takes place during the American civil war. In this story the battles were fought in the original places of the war. This story is about a solider named Charley Goddard that lied about his age to enter to the Union Army. He struggles and suffered severe mind and physical problems during the war.

Charley Goddard signed up in the first Minnesota Volunteers; he was 15 year old teen that lied about his age to enter the army. He didn't know what war was, but he wanted adventure in his life. Charley Goddard thought that being a solider would bring respect and pleasure, but it wasn't until he had his first battle in Bull Run. In his first experience of war he knew that it was not the way that he expected. The truth was that he got confused and afraid, because he didn't know what he was doing there.

In one of the battles a friend of Charley committed suicide because he got wounded in the stomach and on that time the medicine was not advanced to pull out the bullet in the stomach. It was one of Charley's toughest experiences. In all the battles Charley didn't die, because he always thought that it was his last battle and that kept him alive.

When Charley Goddard entered the Union Minnesota army, he was a 15 year old teen and when he finished serving the army he was a 19 year old man. I believe that war destroys lives and Charley was lucky to survive the battles but he anyways he died because of his wounds. After all, the war killed him.