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Soldier's Heart Charley Goddard left his family to go do what he thought was right. He had decided it was time for him to enter the Union Army, not knowing what it was all about. Lying about his age, helped him get into the group known as the Minnesota Volunteers. Charley was only 15 when he left the farm and left his family back home, but he thought this was what he had always wanted to take part in a war.

Charley's mother finally let him join the Volunteers. He told her that he would be receiving 11 dollars a month and he said half of it he would send home. All of the registered soldiers met at Fort Snelling to get their uniforms. The people giving out the uniforms did not expect as many soldiers that showed up. Charley was one of the last ones so he ended up with a pair of black pants, socks, and a cheap black hat.

Charley wasn't used to the rations they were getting fed. He was still hungry after getting his share of pork n' beans and a little bit of roast beef.

The men went to war, Charley was taught to use a 58. caliber musket. The soldiers practice loading and dry firing time after time. The Minnesota Volunteers were used to replace the men at the Frontier Forts. Charley's group were just getting ready to head out for a fort on June 22, until they were called to formation. The men were ordered to get all they're gear they could carry and head to the river to get on a steam boat. The steam boat took them to St. Paul. There the Volunteers marched through the thousands of fans cheering the Union on.

Bull Run was the first major...