Soldiers heart.

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Soldiers Heart

By: Gary Paulsen

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In 1860s when the Civil War began, Charley Goddard joinedthe First Minnesota Volunteers. He was 15 years old lying about his age and fought through practically the whole war. He didn't really know what a "shooting war" meant, or what he was fighting for. But

he knew he didn't want to miss out on a great adventure.

The "shooting war" meant the horror, and that you were lucky if you survived. It meant knowing how it feels to cross a field toward the enemy, waiting for fire. Waiting for death.

When he entered the service he was only a minor. When he came back he was only 19 years old, but he was a man said to have "Soldier's Heart."

The Plot

Charley Goddard at 15 years of age when he entered the Civil War. Charley lied about his age because he didn't want to miss out on anything heart-throbbing.

Bullrun Death was everywhere. He could hear the bullets fly past him. Two bullets met directly in front of his eyes jammed together and fell to the ground. Charley felt a tug at his leg. It was Lieutenant Olafson. Lieutenant told him to run towards the trees. Charlie runs for his dear life. He hides behind a large maple tree vomiting and sucking air.


This part of the war was bad. Charley best friend got shot so Charlie sat by the body until he noticed he had blood on his shoulder. He didn't know if he got shot because his whole body was numb. He rushed to the hospital tent. He really didn't get shot and he had to stay in the tent. So he had to stack up all the dead bodies to make a wall to stop the...