The Soldiers' War

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War is one of mans’ favorite pastime activities. Since the dawn of civilization war has been present, and evolving infinitely with the development of tactical warfare and weaponry. War is one from which countries flourish , while others deteriorate or are completely destroyed. Even though the results of war have different impacts on the countries involved, there is one commonality which is found in the souls of the fighting warriors on the battlefield. Tim O’Brien’s “How To Tell a True War Story” and Ernest Hemmingway’s “Soldier’s Home” both express that the war between countries is critical, but there is a more vital war the soldiers fight which is within themselves. The battle between the enigma within each combatant ranges from embellishing the truth, coping with one’s own mentality and entire persona, and returning back to society.

“Krebs found that to be listened to at all he had to lie…” (Hemmingway, Pg.165)

In order for the marine to be heard in his town, a spice, or a twist may have had to been added into his story story-telling to catch somebody’s attention. Atrocities have been heard so much by the towns’ people that they became typical for them to hear, so the actualities Krebs was ready to share interested no one. (Hemmingway, Pg.165) “Last night, man, I had to make up a few things.” (O’Brien, Pg.548) . Sanders said that he made up the opera and the glee club in his story, but that the noises the six man patrol unit had heard were just unreal and needed support. (O’Brien, Pg.548) . The narrator of the story insists that observations during war were unbelievable and needed more content to appear valid. “Often the crazy stuff is true and the normal stuff isn’t because the normal stuff is necessary...