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Ghapter 6

After Riccio and Prosper leave Barbarossa's shop, Riccio insists on buying cakes. He says that nobody has ever succeeded in making Barbarossa pay more than his first offer and that Scipio will want Prosper to sell all the loot from now on. As they eat, they talk about what to buy. Prosper thinks of jackets and shoes, but Riccio is more interested in toys and TVs. He asks what fun object Prosper would most like to have, but Prosper does not know.

On the way home, Prosper tries to convince Riccio not to tell the Thief Lord about the job Barbarossa wants him to do. Riccio says this would be crazy. He says he will do the job himself if Scipio does not want it. Prosper struggles to explain why he thinks the offer is bad

Chapret 7

When Victor sees the boys board the vaporetto, he must admit that he has lost them.

He kicks a post and hurts his foot. He limps home, muttering to himself that he is a fool for letting a twelve-year-old boy slip past him so easily. He did not recognize Riccio, but he is sure he did not see Bo. He wonders where the little boy is and whether he is safe. It bothers Victor that Prosper was out on the streets of Venice without Bo.

All the way home, Victor kicks things and mutters to himself. People stare at him, but he ignores them. He tells himself that he never should have taken a job of finding children. He should have stuck to the sorts of jobs he knows better. He does not need the Hartliebs' money; he has enough work...

Back at the Star Palace, everyone is amazed by the sum of money Prosper has managed to get for...