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Allowing homosexuals to marry has been a highly controversial conflict for many years. It is a constant battle between people who are anti-homosexual and people who support it. In a country in defined by being "The land of the free and equal opportunity" it is quite the opposite. We live in a nation where certain people are denied their natural born rights simply because society thinks they were not born "normal". Without bringing religious opinion into matter, allowing homosexual marriage does not go against the constitution. Using the tactic of showing how homosexuals are discriminated against can be a solution. Raising awareness into the issue that denying it due to it being their natural born right due to the amendment and declaration of independence.

Over the years, homosexuals have received a great deal of hate and discrimination. From having people spew out hatred through words to homosexuals being killed from hate crimes, these individuals have had the rough end of the stick.

According to (Hunter) "Hate crimes committed against gays, lesbians, bisexuals, and/or transgendered individuals constitute the third-highest category of hate crimes reported to the FBI " Every day, homosexuals are victimized due to something that for most was not a choice. An accident occurred recently dealing with a homosexual male. According to The Huffington Post, " According to CBC News, 27-year-old Scott Jones remains in critical condition at a hospital in Halifax, Nova Scotia after being stabbed twice in the back and having his throat slashed." This man was targeted due to the fact that he was a man open homosexuality.

Along with physical and verbal discrimination, homosexuals are also subjected to discrimination in the workplace and in other facilities. According to Burns (2011), "a staggering 90 percent of transgender workers report some form of harassment or mistreatment...