A Solution to the Growing Gas Prices in the United States.

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Gasoline prices have been taking a sharp turn towards the worse. According to Hawaiigasprices.com, in Hawaii, gasoline can cost as much as three dollars and ninety four cents; in nineteen ninety-eight it was one dollar, seventy five cents. The recent spike has caused financial hardships and gas itself has had numerous harmful effects towards the environment. To resolve this problem, I urge you: Senators, to at least carefully consider the need for a resolution, but hopefully to pass my legislation for these reasons:

(1) Gas prices have hit record highs in the past years.

(2) The increasingly high gas prices are causing immediate financial difficulties.

(3) The environmental tolls will over time have an extremely dangerous effect on society.

As said before gasoline has been hitting record highs, and recent happenings (such as the shutting down of oil harbors in New Orleans and the continuing difficulties of the War in Iraq) have even further added to the financial burden of the people of the American society.

Just over half of the people surveyed in an ABC News Poll say that they are having these financial problems, and, magnifying the apparent decay of the economy, forty five percent of people say they're spending less and twenty one percent say they are having to resort to saving less, both in which will overtime damage the economy even faster. However, according to Iowa Corn, if the switch to E-85 is made, it is expected that over the next fifteen years, three hundred thousand new jobs could be created through the Ethanol base. Also, if a slow transition is made (one or two years rather than months) it should give foreign countries whose economy depends on oil sales to the United States adequate time to plan and begin working on other possible exports...