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The earth cannot provide forever at the current rate that the human race is ravishing it. People need to take steps to preserve the earth for future generations. Focus needs to be directed at finding solutions for the current population explosion, expanding current resources in order for the earth to continue to provide sustenance, increasing energy production and efficiency, increasing food supply through agriculture ingenuity, stabilizing climate change, and reducing Co2 emissions.

Population GrowthPopulation growth and scarcity of resources to support this population growth is a growing problem. Each year, about 90 million people join this world, the equivalent of three new Canada’s or one Mexico each year (Hinrichsen, 1994). Additionally, the United Nations projects a likely 2.5 billion population increase by 2050. As of October 2008, there were 6.7 billion people on our planet; by 2050 there will probably be about 9.2 billion. (Connolly, Elmore & Ryerson, 2008). The problems that arise from the increase in global population are many.

First, a place to live for these growing numbers is priority. Second, there is the problem of taxing Earth’s resources. Finally, more people create more waste/emissions. Therefore, the problem at hand is this; it is impossible to add another Canada or Mexico to the earth each year. Solutions to population overgrowth must be addressed. What solutions are there? Population control comes to mind first, but also how to conserve resources. Also to be addressed is immigration and whether it is a factor. What about socioeconomic classes, could rising in the classes help in some way? Many people are rising from poverty, or lower class to middle class, and though most would argue that this will have a negative effect on our environment, Hinrichsen (1994) states that the people on the bottom of the socioeconomic bracket actually impact the environment...