A Solution To Road Rage

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A SOLUTION TO ROAD RAGE Have you ever been the victim of road rage? Have you ever accidentally pulled in front of someone then wanted to apologize? As a foreigner, I am constantly the instigator of violence while driving. I am always making stupid mistakes because of my uncertainties of basic rules such as one-way streets, speed limits, and lane policies. For example, in North Carolina, the far left lane on the freeway is for carpoolers only during rush hour, but off peak driving it is for "speeders."� In Denver, drivers are oblivious to these courtesy rules. Simple differences such as these make me look like an idiot, which in turn causes people to frequently expose their middle finger to my observance. I bring out the worst in people on the road. I believe if I do not do something to combat this problem I might be disfigured on the side of the road, which is much worse than being flipped off.

A couple of months ago a man was killed when an angered driver followed him home and shot him. I do not want to be next.

The proposal I have for you today will take care of this problem. I think that on our steering wheels we should have a small keypad in which we could write a message of apology that would appear in our back windows. Having this device installed into our vehicles would allow us to communicate with other drivers in a more sane way than using obscene body language. A simple "I'm sorry"� may have saved that poor man's life if he only would have been given the chance to say so.

If we join together by signing petitions and organizing community meetings we could persuade the automobile industry to put these devices...