Solutions for American Poverty

Essay by RoarkeForeva March 2004

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Poverty is the condition of having insufficient resources or income. In its most extreme form, poverty is a lack of basic human needs, such as adequate and nutritious food, clothing, housing, clean water, and health services. Extreme poverty can cause terrible suffering and death, and even modest levels of poverty can prevent people from realizing many of their desires. In the United States the effects of poverty may include poor nutrition, mental illness, drug dependence, crime, and high rates of disease.

The reasons for poverty are not clear. Some people believe that poverty results from a lack of adequate resources such as land, food, and building materials that are necessary for people. Others see poverty as an effect of the uneven distribution of resources. This reasoning helps explain why many people have much more than they need to live in comfort, while many others do not have enough resources to live.

I think we can fight poverty in the United States by instituting several new programs as well as keep programs that work right now. I think programs similar to the ones in the New Deal could help a lot. One example was the Works Progress Administration (WPA), which hired impoverished artists, musicians, writers, and actors. Also another program was the Civilian Conservation Corps, which hired 2 million young people in conservation work. They planted trees, dug drainage ditches, set up forest-fire control systems, and constructed reservoirs. These programs helped put the people capable of working who didn't have a job to work. The government hasn't run any major works projects lately and I think they should so people can get a source of income.

Also I think education is a very important thing to being successful and getting out of poverty. If you have the right skills, you...