Solutions for Juvenile School Violence

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School violence is an egregiously grim subject matter; that has managed to most recently steal the center stages of Mass-Media in the United States of America. Just this past decade, there has been a marked-up swing, in not only the frequency of school violence, but also in the severity of each subsequent attack. Parents, school officials, law enforcement professionals, members of the clergy, community activists, and law makers from local, state, and federal government positions across the nation would all resoundingly agree; that if this ever-swelling, cancerous lesion of school violence continues to fester unchecked, then the future of our modern-day public school system will evolve into nothing more than a playground for hardened criminals. The solution to this modern-day onslaught of school violence will never be a cut and dry task by any means. The local, state, and federal communities must all bind their monetary, social, and political forces together; before we will be able to begin the painstaking process of rectifying the horrendous matriculation of school violence.

Between the years of, 2001- 2007, there have been 180 documented cases of school related violent deaths reported in the United States. To add even more insult to injury, between those same years, there were over 930 reported incidents of non-lethal, high-profile cases that included stabbings, shootings, and school riots, (National Center for Education Statistics, Indicators of School and Crime Safety: 2007). In 2005, The Federal Bureau of Justice Statistics reported that 19% of students, (grades 9 – 12), reported that they carried a weapon anywhere; whereas, approximately 6% or the very same cross-section of students reported carrying a weapon on school property, (Indicators of School Crime and Safety, Bureau of Justice Statistics: 2006). For the 2007 – 2008 school years alone, there have been a total of 16 duly...