Some characteristics of Adam, Eve, and God.

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Many people look to God for comfort. They live their lives based on His teachings in the Bible. People also look to their parents for comfort and live their lives based on what they teach them. In numerous ways, God is comparable to a parent. Providing comfort, setting rules, and disciplining are three traits of parents that God exhibits.

One way God is similar to a parent is He provides comfort to His children. An example is when people are upset over the loss of a loved one, their parents are there to comfort them. After Cain murders Abel, God gives Eve another son, Seth, to console her.

Another way God is like a parent is He sets rules and advises His children. First, just as parents advise their children not eat certain candies and foods, so does God. God tells Adam and Eve never to eat from the tree of knowledge of good and evil.

One more way God is equivalent to a parent is He disciplines His children. One example is how parents scold their children if they hurt their sibling, as does God. After Cain slays his brother Abel, God tells him that the ground that he plows will not grow anything and that he shall be a vagabond for the rest of his days.

Like parents, pretty much everything God does has good intentions, although emotions might get in the way. All the rules and punishments are for the best of His children. The rules provide protection and the punishments teach them not to break the rules again. When they follow the rules, He comforts them and makes them happy. And if one breaks a rule, just like parents, God will always forgive them.

The book of Genesis portrays the story of The Fall in simple...