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Recently, twelve cartoons, some of which described Prophet Muhammad as a terrorist, are published by Danish newspaper. And there were the violent protests to the cartoons from Islam. There are many contradicting points whether they should prefer "religious belief" or "freedom of press" However, separate from religious point, the cartoonist and the newspaper had to have more understanding in Islamic culture, and their religion. What matters is not that Muslims ban drawing Prophet Muhammad, but that Danish newspaper lacked enough understanding of Islamic culture.

The world is big and there are so many people, so many regions. Because not everything's the same all around the world, there made regional differences. People from the same region began to develop their own, unique culture, that now the livelihood and how, what they think varies.

Back to our real issue, the Danish newspaper maybe didn't know that the cartoon would have this much impact, because they didn't consider cultural differences.

In the Western society, it is possible to satirize even the Jesus, the most sacred figure for the Christians. However it is different in Islam countries. Also, in Islam, the religion and their usual living is closely connected. The newspaper said that they didn't treated Muslim any differently from other figures in Denmark. However, this is the problem that I think to be. Satirizing figures in Denmark, and satirizing the foreign one is different. If you satirize somebody, some event happening in other nations, you should know that the people there can think in another way that is not yours.

This is where the problem came from. They didn't consider enough about how Muslims would feel. They thought, only in their own perspective. They had to learn more about Islamic culture so that they can understand what impact it would...