Some high schools require all students to wear school uniforms. Other high schools permit students to decide what to wear to school. Which of these two policies do you think is better?

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School uniforms have been under deliberation for many years. Especially in high school time, when the students are already considered as grown ups, some schools decide to let them wear whatever they want. But there are still schools that set uniforms as a compulsory issue.

Uniforms are said to be an important item which sets students equally, and the poor students would not be distracted by the designer or name brand clothes worn by rich ones, moreover it will show the solidarity of the school. In my opinion, uniforms will not work in a high school setting since they are not essential and uncomfortable, they limit the students' self expression as well as do not increase the students' performance and they will not change social boundaries.

School uniforms are made by materials that are not comfortable both mentally and physically which do not allow students to have vigorous activities. High school students are at the age of puberty, with their body growing speed, each year they will have to buy a new range of clothes.

Moreover, rich students may not have this problem but to unluckier ones uniforms are somehow expensive. In addition, uniforms are worn only to school. Out into the street, in normal life and at weekends, students put on their casual clothes which make them feel relaxable. There's no reason to enforce students to wear things that are so incovenient, expensive and not regularly used.

Clothes are a form of self expression. By eliminating a student's right to get up in the morning and choose what they will wear to school is an infringement upon their rights. The way they decide teachers and peer recognize them is the persons they want to show everybody that they are. It's argued that self expression is not necessary at school.