Some Hope For Americas Troubled Youth

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Some Hope for America's Troubled Youth With all the pressures of teenagers to grow up so rapidly amid an ever changing world it is not difficult to actually wonder why teens resort to violence and mayhem. The United States has become a battleground for young teenagers to lie, cheat, and steal, ultimately turning themselves into juvenile delinquents; through research methods will be uncovered and explicitly detailed of the ways in which adolescents can overcome the unwilling desire to resort to delinquency. There are specific, effective alternatives such as rehabilitation and early intervention for those who have already reached reprobate status and for those who encounter juvenile injustice.

Juvenile delinquency has been presented to our society as a problem for many years and has not yet provided much evidence of research toward creating effective alternatives to prevent miscreants from doing wrong . Juvenile delinquents are, according to The American Heritage Concise Dictionary, young people who are guilty of antisocial or criminal behavior or failing to do what is required of them.

Supporting the notion that delinquency is failure to accomplish what is required of them, then those requirements should be taught and enforced at an early age. Many times parents teach their children what is right and wrong within the perimeters of the home and not what is right and wrong outside the boundaries of their household. Often parents are not a prevalent source of love and trust; therefore, some children are not being taught at all. In my childhood one child had one set of birth parents, ( usually only birth mother was present ), two sets of grandparents, godparents; their parents, aunts, uncles, older second and third cousins and everyone who resided in the neighborhood to look after him or her and discipline when necessary. The breakdown of the...