'some producers have interpreted othello as a play about race relations. Does your reading of this play support this view.'

Essay by pjm December 2003

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Shakespeare's play Othello presents the theme of race relations which producers have interpreted as a primary theme. However this is only one of the diverse themes in Othello that makes the play so original.

The characters personalities are portrayed through the comparison of their individual tolerances of different races, for example, it is known that blacks from this time would have been treated poorly, and not respected, this shown as Iago makes reference to Othello as an animal, though Brabantio despite his initial disapproval accepts Othello marrying his daughter. This shows strength in this particular character as he is prepared to endure judgement of other people for his decision.

'Black sheep is tupping your white yew,' is a derogatory quote that Iago uses to describe Othello being with Desdemona.

A theme that moves from race relations is betrayal and the deceitful web that Iago weaves. This brings shock to the audience as the evil Iago proves devastating consequences on the strong independent characters around him.

Another theme that contradicts the focus statement of race relations is the fact that even though Iago played tricks on Othello in the end it was Othello whose mistrust and bad judgement lead him to kill his own wife.

In conclusion, it was not just Othello or his race that drove the results of this sad but strong play but the actions of a man whose jealousy and heart full of hatred condemned who ever fell in front of his path.