Some say the fall of rome was due to barbarian invaders. yet its been said that the problem lay in the struggle inside the empire. how did rome fall internally?

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The Fall of Rome within its Borders

There are many pieces of writing containing facts and inferences about the reasons of the fall of the Roman Empire. After reading selections from a number of writings on this topic, it is somewhat clear what the main reasons for the fall of the Roman Empire were. It was fundamentally due to over taxation, inflation, fear, the sheer size of the empire, and its inability to manage its resources throughout its territories. With this weakness, the people's attitude, loyalty, patriotism, and respect also rotted away. The Rome Empire fell apart, from the inside out.

Money played one of the biggest roles in the decline and destruction of Rome. During the Civil War, which started in 49 B.C., pay raises occured, sometimes doubling a soldiers earnings. It was the emperors way of buying loyalty or of fighting inflation. There was also the issue of supplies, transportation, and food for the soldiers that had to be shipped.

Over the later centuries of the empire, army became more and more costly. Luxury was believed to destroy discipline and so could have been a factor in the last days of the empire. During the same time, when the empire tried to expand, it used up its gold and silver, and didnt have new mines to replace them. So its coinage, that was once pure silver, was now less than pure. Inflation made things harder on the empire, add now an army who does not grow but its paycheck does. This was definently a sure sign of Rome's falling.

The people stopped being self-reliant, and they expected something for doing nothing, so therefore, were made lazy. This combination cannot be good for the future of a grand empire. The "Games" were made into a diversion device which...