Some Symbols in buisness

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There are many different symbols that an organization uses that might set it apart from a different organization. Some of the symbols that are used might be used for a reason. Other symbols organizations might not know that they are sending a certain message.

Symbols that you can see from the outside can tell you a lot about the organization inside. One symbol that you can see on the outside of an organization is the parking lot. If you look at the parking lot you can might be able to tell about how much people in the organization make or if some people get a better parking spot because they are higher up then someone else. Where the building is located might also tell you what kind of organization it is. If it is located in a around some companies that you might know as a company that is wealthy then the organization that you are looking at could also be wealthy.

There are many symbols in the inside that you can look at to determine what kind of organization that you are going into is. One thing that you could look at is where the desks are. People could have separate offices or have a little cubical. This could tell you