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Dance Herself out of the Womb

The director of Frida use her expressing of pains mood but faith will over come everything to persuading and win her audiences sympathy through her personal experiences and connection to the film. In Frida, director, Juile Taymore did a wonder job of express emotion, ideas, incidents, observations specially dealing with pains. This means that the director show her audiences, expressively; they are describing some themes to telling a true story of Frida. The director is creating a picture made of words and scenes that will show the audiences a new way of looking at an aspect of life in pain of Frida.

First, is the nature versus herself in pain when she stumbled into the bus accident. For example, is the streetcar crashed into the bus that Frida was riding, broke her spinal column, her pelvis, etc? The impact of the crash left Frida naked and bloodied, but covered with gold dust.

Right at this moment is where the director creates a state of mind that Frida is in pain to be in shock with nature. We feel the pains as we feel a little sorry for her and we shares her sadness. She in pain when she have to struggles with this new changelings.

Second pain that Frida had to deal with is between a child and her mother's. One scene, when Frida finding herself is when their had an extra on the bus holding a caged bird. One could only guess that the bird is released from the cage upon impact. Like a baby just born out of his or her mother's womb or like a child just release from their parents nesting place. She is fighting against her mother beliefs and values of what a traditional Mexican woman should do.