Some wonderfull events in my life

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Everybody in the world is pass from different and various events during his/her lives. I also observed and pass through the many events from my childhood up to present now. As I grow up I perceives knowledge form the education, nature, etc. He enjoys events or occasion, makes friends, etc. Friends are very important in ones life because friends are responsible to give shapes of ones life.

I got a chance to live in a good life in a big city when my dad transferred to a city. I did my kinder garden in a small village of just 2000 population of people. Mostly villages are not as developed as large cities. I was like a poor village boy at that time, but as my dad got job in city it also proved helpful to me because I got a chance to live like a modern boy. Therefore this event of getting job led me to live in a good life.

When I was in Middle school, I had a lot of friends in my school and near by my area too, as I was very successful in making a bad friends rather than good friends. In other words I learned those activities, which parents want to keep away from their kids. I learned to smoke, started drinking alcohol, harassing girls and started all those activities that were illegal at that time of my age. I did not study for my school and was failing in my subjects. However, I got rid of those bad friends as soon as I could, otherwise I do not think that I can be a good educated person in the society with the company of those friends. Actually after entering in to a new community, I made very good contacts with...