Someone who disappointed me

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She was my soul mate, my childhood buddy. Lily and I grew up together. I remember the first time we met in a kindergarten and became friends at once. There were no secrets between us and she was the first one I would always turn to whenever I was in trouble. She was always supportive and helped me in whatever way she could. I reciprocated in the same manner.

Things were as good as one could wish until one day, which changed my attitude towards her and left a dent in my heart.

It was our final day for the submission of the assignment our professor had given to us. I worked hard to complete the assignment in time and had to put in extra efforts at night so as to complete it. Next morning my mom came to wake me up for the university and found out that I had a fever.

I felt weak and there was no way I could go to the university, but I was worried about the assignment I had to submit, as I could lose a year because of that. My mom suggested that I could give my assignment to Lily and she could give it to the professor. Lily was right in time like everyday. She was a bit worried seeing me in such a bad state. I handed my assignment to her. I had to stay home for 2 days before I was strong enough to go back to university. I was waiting for Lily to come. It was getting late and she didn't appear, so I called her to find out where she was. Her mom told me that she had already left. I was a little disappointed; however my dad drove me to the university. As soon as...