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The best sight to me is to stroll into the kitchen and see my short living great-grandma struggling to reach the vanilla on the top shelf. With an inconvenience like that she will always find a way to manoeuver around it and continue on making her exquisite homemade vanilla ice cream. It's a good thing that she only makes this ice cream for special occasions, or else every one in our family would be tubby like her. Tubby is not a bad quality for a grandma though, because grandmas are suppose to be cuddly and comfortable to lay with. In addition to making the world's best homemade ice cream, she is the most loving and warm hearted person I know, and that is why I love her and look up to her so much.

Mary Elizabeth Rickel is the most caring person anyone could ever meet. When my Grandma Cheryl, (my mom's mom) died of cancer, my mom was only 16.

My Great Grandma Rickel took care of my mom like she was her own child. Then when my mom had me at 18, I was an "accident" and my mom wasn't ready to raise a kid. My Grandma Rickel took me in as her own to raise. I lived with my grandma for a while and was treated the best I've ever been treated by anyone. Despite having three of her own children she has cared for more than just her own. She has also cared for three of my cousins. My cousins Spencer and Shane, didn't always agree with their dad, and my grandma would be there for them whenever they needed her. Also my cousin Courtney lost her mom to cancer when she was 16, and ever since then my grandma has been there for her...