Somerset Levels 2014

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MEDC Case Study - Somerset Levels 2014

How does the river flooding demonstrate the interaction between natural processes and human activity?

What were the causes of the flooding?

It is all of these rivers that are at the centre of the claims that farmers say there's a lack of dredging caused by flooding.

What are the effects of flooding?




600 homes were affected.

Financial cost to repair Somerset was £10 million.

Saturated the soil making it hard the grow crops.

Many places were cut off.

Local businesses lost trade.

It ruined crops/land.

Major roads were closed/blocked.

Farmers stopped their animals from grazing and many cows had to be sold.

Animals may have been poisoned by the pesticides the water carried.

Reports of increase in crime.

Restocks valuable soil nutrients.

Some home owners were forced to evacuate their homes.

All animals with habitats nearby could drown many even die...