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Molière (Jean-Baptiste Poquelin) was born in Paris on January 15, 1622. He was educated at the finest schools (the College de Clermont in Paris.)

Jean-Baptiste had fallen in love with a beautiful red-headed actress named Madeleine Béjart.

Jean-Baptiste founded a dramatic troupe called The Illustrious Theater. It was about this time that he changed his name to Molière, probably to spare his father the embarrassment of having an actor in the family.he wrote plays. On February 17, 1673, Molière suffered a hemorrhage while playing the role of the hypochondriac Argan. He passed away later that night at his home on the Rue Richelieu. The local priests refused to take his confession, for actors had no social standing and had been excommunicated by the church. Nor would they permit him to be buried in holy ground. Four days later, the King interceded and Molière was finally buried in the Cemetery Saint Joseph under the cover of darkness.