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Essay by spoonman419High School, 10th grade July 2004

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Here I am, Here again,

By myself, Nothing's different,

But everything's changed, since yesterday,

Where are you at!? You who were promised,

So long ago, I knew you'd come,

But you're still not here, Out there somewhere,

Not here though, Living your life,

Wondering where I am, Writing poetry,

That will help you along, Until I am there,

With you dear friend, To live there after,

We can be sad, We can be happy,

As long as we're together, Getting our kicks,

Not a care in the world, 'Cause I have you,

And you have me, I don't know,

And I really don't care, If you're boy or girl,

As long as when we meet, We know instantly,

That I am him, And you are you,

Together we will travel, To see the whole world,

And conquer it side by side, Knowing we are,

Who and what we are, And reveling in it,

Thinking about our past, Knowing it'll be better,

When we figure a way, To keep going together,

Rolling along, Through all the obstacles,

That we've put up for ourselves, Knocking them down,

Collapsing as we pass, Because we understand,

What no one else can, What life is about,

And with you my friend, I will not suceed,

And with me good pal, You will fail,

Because we'll enjoy, That which others can not,

The simplicities in every day, People being people,

And the wind sweetly, Grazing past our hairs,

As we look to the sky, In hopes that someday,

We'll know who we are, But not caring,

Because we know, Truly who the other is,

And we love it, Love enjoying ourselves,

And love the other's thoughts, I pondered once,

I knew who you were, And I thought this again,

When I met someone else, But you...