Something’s Not Right (A Poem)

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Something's Not Right I just stopped by to say good night Before going to bed, When suddenly I saw something so shocking It puzzled my head I covered my eyes Not my mother and my sister lying nude in the bed I quickly ran off and tried to forget what I had seen But not now I see it in my dreams Till this I cant sleep without my light Someone please help me Something's Not Right Something's Not Right It appears I play video games too much And I don't know why Mother tells me to turn them off And I do, no that's a lie I can put them down And sadly it's affecting my grades I'm not a dumb jock I'll do something great with my life But as of today I'm the worlds Greatest PS2 player Something's Not Right Something's Not Right I've got a secret I need to keep It's why I run off into the night Sadly I'm in love with someone mother doesn't like She never gives him a chance I guess she doesn't remember when she was a teen Young love can be so intoxicating And at times mother is just mean She hates where he lives And she hates his color, and age He's the first guy I ever meet to both love and be friend me And she hates that too But most of all its his name she hates, I think it's beautiful and I love him to death Is that wrong? His name is Hennessey Something's Not Right