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Essay by jayvoncbrownB, November 2014

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Jayvon C. Brown

February 27, 2014

ASU 1201.01

Why I came to College

Why I came to College.

When thinking about college, many things will come to mind. Things that came through my mind were parties, Greek organizations, roommates, new friends, and much more. Since I attended a high school where most were not financially able to attend college, there was typically not a lot of people who went to college. There were some but none that were noticeable. From the 9th through 12th, I knew I wanted to go to college. I had to make a difference in people's eyes. I could not be one of those people to graduate and then be living at home with my family for multiple years, and working multiple jobs. I had to get a degree or some form of certificate to get into a career.

By the time I got to the 11th grade, my first and only choice in colleges was Albany State University. I wanted to attend such an amazing school because of the wonderful things I heard about it. People would tell me "Albany State has a beautiful campus", and "You would love the school spirit the students, and staff have", but I had to experience it for myself. I wanted to see the campus, and experience what it was really like to be a Golden Ram. My first time being at Albany State was my 12th grade year at the first home football game. The game had hundreds of people there. I initially came to see my best friend dance because she was a Golden Passionette at the time, but seeing the school was just an extra experience. The crowd had so much school spirit and pride in the football team. That was the day I...