A song analysis of HIM's cover of the Chris Isaak song Wicked Game

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Lyric Analysis Essay

My song of choice is HIM's cover of Chris Isaak's hit 80's song Wicked Game. The story of the song is about a man who has fallen in love but his heart has been broken. He still has the desire for a certain girl but he doesn't want to fall in love with her.

The relationship between the story and the theme is love, the genre of the music is self-proclaimed "Love Metal" by HIM (His Infernal Majesty.) The people that would listen to this song (13+) would probably have a connection to this because this is the age of adolescence and when people begin to "fall in love."

This song would appeal to mostly people who like metal and gothic rock if they want a lighter version of the song just listen to the Chris Isaak song. The song talks about a world on fire, which he (Ville Valo) is probably referring to an Armageddon, and that his love is the only one that can save him.

It goes on to tell that he'll never dream of losing someone like her, this goes to show he's not able to bare the thought of losing her.

There is one evident stereotype in the song it is this "this world is always gonna break your heart" that stereotype explains that there is no hope left in the world for love, and that it will always break your heart as it did with him. This is a commonly found stereotype with teens in this age I think, because relationships nowadays do not particularly last very long and many are left shocked and lonely.