Song Analysis for "My Kind Of Scene" by artist "Powder Finger" Topic: Discuss the relevant lyrics and explain what message the song is giving that you think is important for the future.

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Australian Studies

Music Analysis

The song "My Kind of Scene" is about the way that life is today in our society. It covers the pressures of life, life in general, not giving up and also that life only gets better. I think the message in this song is very relevant for the future of our society and my reason for this happens to be the name of the song and also the main chorus which is "It's not my kind of scene." I think that if all Australians where to think that about life and the things that some people do the way this song says, then in Australia life would be more enjoyable and people would be doing better in life, emotionally.

"Tell me where I'm supposed to begin an unhappy life working some kind of dead end job for everything you thought you had has gone from worse to bad".

This is the first verse in the song. From listening to this verse I think that the person singing it is unhappy with the way life is going and the job he is in, it is not enjoyable or giving him the satisfaction that he'd like to be getting.

"Lean to the side whisper it quite the end is in sight to working all night around the clock for everything you thought you had has gone from worse to bad". I believe this verse is about him saying that the end of this unhappiness is coming and he is sick of working round the clock to no satisfaction and also that he is going to do something about it.

"But it not my kind of scene oh yeah footprints on the other side remind me where I've been oh yeah I'll watch from the other side".