Song Essay On "Driving Me To Drink" By Jagged Edge

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R&B music is crammed with so many male bands that is difficult to keep track of which bands are which . When it comes to differentiation and the "edging out" of competition while creating a group of their own , the men of Jagged Edge always found a way to surprisingly stand out. In their song "Driving me to drink", "Jagged Edge", suggest that the female is frustrating the male through various usage's of allusions , repetition and symbols .

Throughout the song , "Jagged Edge" , presents allusions through allowing the listener to believe that the male needs alcohol to sustain his relationship with the female. The female claims that the males doesn't buy her stuff , and pay attention to her , so he asks for someone to pass him the " V.S.O.P. EEEZEEE (V.S.O.P) " ,which will calm him down , in order to have fun , and not think about the female and their problems.

He feels as though she is pushing him to the limit and allowing him to feel crazy and stupid , so "{she's} got {him} off that Hen-dog (Henessy)", because he is tired of asking her what's wrong and what he did wrong. When he starts to drink it doesn't matter what they said in the past because " the Remey's" , are in the system and he can't take all the complaining because whatever he does it's just not going to be enough . She gets upset and states that he doesn't take her out and buy her stuff , but all the stuff she has is provided by him . The alcohol makes him feel better and interact well with his friends so he doesn't have to worry about what he is going home to. In the song the alcohol allows him to deal with his problems through a variety of allusions .

The song "Driving me to drink" , by "Jagged Edge" , shows repetition by illustrating that the female is causing the male to drink by always putting him down and arguing with him . The male wants to go out and have good time so "{he} needs a drink cause {she is } driving {him} to drink " , and a couple drinks will allow him to forget and not think about their argument . The female in the song never tells the male what he is doing right , she always complaining about "the way {he} {doesn't} do this", and "the way {he} doesn't do that", which puts stress on him and allows him to think as though he hasn't been doing anything right or treating her right. The disagreements and the arguing in the relationship is forcing the male to the point were "she might deserve a slap", but he would never do that , due to his morals he could never disrespect a women . In view of the many examples of repetition , the song suggest that the female is the blame of all the problems in the relationship because she doesn't recognize what he is doing right and she is always accusing him of certain problems with in the relationship .

During the song "Driving me to drink", "Jagged Edge", suggest that the male is not going to get restrained by the females lethargic actions through excessive customs of symbols. The male will not succumb to the female and allow her to ruin what they have , through that "he can't go out like that" , and let her get the best of him . She is actively driving him to drink by "a few shots" of her stupid actions and her nagging and by him drinking he wouldn't even have to worry about what she is going to say and what she is going to do. When he starts drinking "{she}ain't even got to think about", it because he isnt going to be concern anymore due to the fact that he is intoxicated and not functioning correctly. Through symbols the male is not going to get reluctant by the females dimwitted actions by continuously caviling him.

Within the song "Driving me to drink", the talented group "Jagged Edge", exhibits that the female is enabling the male to be afflicted by frustrating him to drink through repetition , symbols and allusions.