"The song of Roland"

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Main Characters:

Charlemagne- the Christian, Frank king who is notably an ally to the Pope and great Conqueror. He was also known as Charles the Great.

Roland- The "hero" of The Song of Roland. Not much is known from him in a historical standpoint. Roland's tragic flaw is pride.

Oliver- Roland's best friend and advisor. Oliver is very brave and noble. He attempts to urge Roland to blow his Oliphant to reach the Franks

Plot Summary

Charlemagne's army led by Roland is fighting the Muslims. Marsilla, The Muslim king is scared of Charlemagne's army and offers to convert to Christianity and give Charlemagne a treasure if he leaves. Charlemagne who does not want to fight anymore greatly accepts the Kings offer. Roland Helps to negotiate the deal and nominates Ganelon to stay behind and deal with Marsilla. Ganelon and Roland do not see eye to eye and Ganelon sees that Roland is doing this just to be mean.

As revenge Ganelon tell the Muslims where to attack Roland as he, the caboose of the Army, pass through the mountains back into France. As Ganelon plans goes along. Roland's rear guard is ambushed and greatly outnumbered. Oliver, Roland's best friend and advisor, advises Roland to sound his Oliphant to call the rest of Charlemagne's army to the rescue. Roland refuses to make this call for help. His army is getting defeated very quickly because of their lack of numbers. Near the end of the battle Roland decides to blow his horn even though it is too late for Charlemagne to save them. He blows the horn so that Charlemagne's can avenge this attack. Roland blows so hard that he busts open his temple. When the franks arrive they find the whole attacked army dead, but they chase after...