The Song Of Songs

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There are many different forms of love poems containing a Varity of styles and technique. A common phenomenon of these love poems is to have the woman as the aggressive leader. The woman can be portrayed in a Varity of different ways; it depends on the time, religion, and a few other factors. The woman has been portrayed in many writings to be a villain or the individual who leads man to sin. There are many evaluations and interpretations of different writings, some of them are aware of the role women play. There are many examples in these writing that indicate that women play the role of an evil person. Overall, women have been made to be evil and a villain throughout different writings and stay that way through the change of time.

Robert Alter writes "Afterword," which gives his interpretations of other peoples writings on the matters of sex, relationships, and poetry.

Alter states "her invitation in 7:13 to her lover to come out with her to make love in the vernal countryside" (125). This appears to show the woman is aggressive one in the relationship. The woman is seeking the man and trying to persuade him to sin. The audience may obtain the thought that man is good and the woman leads him to desire sexual activity. "Pleasures of love that the young woman proffers to her man" (Alter 125). This is also an example of women portrayed as the influence that begins man down an evil path. Women are thought evil and points man's mind towards evil.

"Love's Lyrics Redeemed," written by Phyllis Trible, analyzes "The Song of Songs." Throughout this writing the audience is able to obtain a few pieces directed towards women and how they lead men towards sin. "The first movement by...