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As I read Sonia Sanchez's poems I realize why she is such a good writer. She expresses herself in such a way that allows the reader to identify with her. She tells the story of her life, taking the reader on a journey which will make you both laugh and cry. When writing she makes sure to express all of her emotions so that you are living her experiences with her. When you read her poems you are brought into her world for a little while and then released left amazed and inspired.

Sanchez was born on September 9, 1934 in Birlington, Alabama and named Wilsonia Benita Diver. She would grow up to become a well known poet, playwright, and educator. When Sanchez was only an infant her mother died leaving her to be brought up by her father. In her poem "Dear Mama" from A Soprano Sky Sanchez shows her vulnerability which makes it easier for people to relate to her feelings.

They are able to compare their lives to Sonia Sanchez's life. In this poem she uses a personal experience which is the loss of her mother to show that too many people keep silent.

When she grew up she became a strong women that a lot of people look up to. She went to Hunter College where she got her BA degree in the year 1985. She studied writing at NYU. She became a feminist and had a very important role in Black's rights movement in the 60's. Many of her poems were inspired by her surroundings which included the many struggles between blacks and whites. She has written about thirteen books including Homegirls and Handgranades which won her the 1995 American Book award. In the past she has also won the P.E.N writing award in...