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Sonnet 61 In the beginning of Sonnet 61, I feel that the poet can not sleep because he thinks he is being watched. He also thinks of his lover all the time. His lover takes up most of his thoughts. At the end of the poem, the whole idea is opened up to the reader. The poet is not being watched, he is the watcher. He has his lover watched because he feels she is being unfaithful. He also can not sleep because of the terrible thoughts that go through his mind of what his lover is doing. He does not know what she is doing so he thinks that she could be doing anything with who knows who! The poet realizes that the way he feels is jealousy.

He feels a disturbing jealousy instead of endless love for his lover.

I think the theme of the poem is jealousy.

The poet is saying he feels his lover is unfaithful and it makes him feel terrible jealousy. This jealousy is making him stay up at night. Instead of sleeping he thinks of horrible thoughts of what his lover is doing. I feel that the poet is trying to make the reader see how love can make a person think and feel crazy things. He also is trying to convey and have the reader feel the jealousy that he feels.

The poet shows his lack of sleep and jealousy through his lines. The poet says "My heavy eyelids to the weary night" describes his lack of sleep and that he needs to rest. "To play the watchman ever for thy sake" describes his need to watch over his lover and is telling the reader why he can not sleep. "From one far off, with others all too near" describes that he feels that his lover has other lovers besides him.

I think the poem deals with an every day occurance in a relationship.

Having to deal with insecurities, espeacially an insecurity that involves not being able to trust a loved one. To think that the lover is being unfaithful, a feeling of complete and absolute jealousy comes over the poet. He gets so wrapped up in his jealousy and the thoughts that his lover is unfaithful is what makes him unable to sleep. In a way the poet becomes obsessed with his jealousy.