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Smith 4

Nicholas A. Smith

Professor Tracy Smith

English 102

8 February 2011


The Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA), proposed in 2011 to stop copyrighted works from being illegally used on the Internet, will cause more harm than good to anyone within the United States. The partner act equivalent to SOPA is being passed in senate; Protect IP Act (PIPA) will bring the same problems as SOPA. Should these types of bills ever be used in a country that has a basis of freedom? Are they needed? Every variation of Internet bills that have been presented or have become a law have given the companies and the government more power than needed.

Over the past few weeks, starting in January of 2011, SOPA has been coming more and more into the public eye. Comedy shows, nightly news programs and the president have given their opinions on these acts.

Though this fight has just started with the public, many Internet savvy US citizens have taken their stand already against this act. This started with; there have been 250,000 against SOPA, since its creation. PIPA was proposed in May of 2011, this bill will give the government the authority to remove the domain name of the website from the Internet, but people will still be able to go to the websites that are removed from the domain system by just using the IP address of the website. Both of these acts will censor the Internet beyond what is needed, making it almost like China's Internet that blocks any social webserver.

Another thing to keep in mind while reading this is that the Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA) is a lobbying organization for almost all movie industries in Hollywood, and the rest of the United States. The Chairman, Christopher...