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The SopranosTony Soprano, played by James Gandolfini, in the HBO series The Sopranos lives by several moral codes throughout the series. These moral codes are loyalty to family, his occupation, and himself. These are very important aspects of his life so he dedicates all that he can to make sure that those factors are accomplished. His loyalty to his family is very important, his occupation makes him uncomfortable at times and his dedication to himself is the last thing he worries about.

Tony is highly admired in his family. He plays many roles in his family that keeps him going day after day. He is not just a member of the Mob but a father, spouse, friend and etc. His loyalty to his family is very important to him. He is just like any other father in this world. He wants the best for his family and he will go to any extreme to make sure that they get it.

Tony will do anything to protect his whatever the circumstance may be. Episodes one and five showed a lot of examples how his loyalty to his family was more important than anything else. One example of how Tony was trying to protect his family was when Meadow, his daughter, was questioning him over and over again about being in a Mafia when they were on their way to visit a college campus that she was going to consider attending. He was kind of surprised and shocked to hear that his daughter knew about the lifestyle that he was living being in the Mafia. He didn't know that she knew some of the things he was doing. Even though he denied being in a Mafia, which was a lie, he was lying to protect her. He probably figured if...