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Sorry, Wrong Number By: Carlo Curia A young rich invalid lady Mrs. Leona Stevenson is waiting in her home impatiently for her husband to return from work. She hates to be home alone at night; She calls Henry's work repeatedly to see if he had left. This time when she phoned Murray hill 35097 her wires get crossed. She overhears two men plotting the murder of an unidentified lady. The criminal's conversation ended. She called the operator and the police, she explained the issue to both, but they are no help. She becomes frantic. Mrs. Stevenson phones Henry's secretary Mrs. Elizabeth Jennings. Mrs. Jennings reports that earlier that day Mr. Stevenson had a lunch date with Mrs. Frederic Lord. Henry and Mrs. Lord had a short conversation. Miss Stevenson decides to call miss Lord. She answers but cannot talk to Leona because her husband has an investigation on Henry and she cannot get caught talking to Henry's wife.

Sally Leaves her house and goes to the nearest payphone to recall Mrs. Stevenson. In a flashback Leona remembers Mrs. Lord also known as Sally hunt. She was a former friend from school. They were both deeply in love with Henry. Henry never finished high school. He didn't grow up with ordinary parents; his life was full of ups and downs. Leona's Father did not accept Henry because he lacked intelligence. Henry and Leona ended up getting married basically because Leona is filthy rich. Leona's Father is a very rich man he owned a huge Drug company. Henry became a vice president of the company. Sally got to the nearest pay phone and told Leona she followed Fred her husband. Fred was with two other men, they went to a house at 20 Dustan terrace. A broken-down deserted house belonging to Mr. Waldo Evans. Sally tried to inform Henry That he was being investigated but she was ditched for a phone call and never came back. Sally tells Leona 20 Dustan was burnt down, and three men were also arrested. Mr. Waldo Evans escaped, and both men are getting investigated. Mrs. Stevenson gets a telegram from Henry saying he's gone to a business trip in Boston and won't be home until tomorrow. She calls her Doctor and he is very surprised she hasn't received the letter he wrote about her diagnosis. The Doctor remembers meeting with Henry about Leona's illness. In a flashback Henry says that Leona had an attack when they fought over his looking for a new job. He wanted to have his own money. The Doctor told Henry that Leona's illness was psychological, not physical. Leona doesn't believe the Doctor. Waldo Evans calls her with a message for Henry. Mr. Waldo Evans confesses all. He worked as a chemist for the Cottrell Company. Henry approached him with the idea of stealing drugs from the company and selling them with the help of a Gangster named Mr. Morano. Evans stored and sold drugs at 20 Dustan terrace. Henry and Evans tried to cut Morano out of the business but Morano found out. Morano took money from Henry, who planned to raise it by killing Leona for her life insurance money. Evans tells Leona he burnt down 20 Dustan after someone betrayed the whole plans. Henry won't need to raise the money since Morano has been arrested by the police. Mr. Evans said he could be reached at a phone number Leona finds out the phone number is the morgue. Someone breaks into the house and Leona hears him. Henry finally calls Leona. Leona tells Henry the message from Evans. Henry confesses and urges Leona to get out of bed and save herself he regrets what he did. Leona insists that she's ill. The killer murders her as a train goes by, drowning out her scream. The police arrest Henry.