The Soul And Us

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"A human person consists of a non-physical soul and physical matter" I believe this statement to be very true. A person would have no emotions and no feelings without an inner soul. Obviously, we all have physical matter otherwise we would not exist.

The real question regarding this topic is whether or not the soul can exist without the physical matter? I believe this statement to be true as well. A soul is born with the physical matter. A soul cannot be born without the physical matter, but the soul can continue to exist when the physical matter dies.

I believe this is an aspect of Christianity. When you accept Jesus Christ into your heart you gain eternal life. This eternal life is spent in Heaven. While your body lies to rest on earth, it is your soul that continues to live in Heaven. Your soul is where feelings for loved ones and memories are kept.

It is the place where Jesus Christ lives within us.

All humans consist of a non-physical soul and a physical matter. The choice to fill your soul with goodness is up to you. Many people choose the wrong road and fill their soul with evil. Either way, your soul continues to live, whether in the hearts of loved ones or in Heaven or Hell. You may die, but your soul lives on forever.