THe Soul is Immortal.

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This paper has been written as a comparison between the claims of Descartes and Plato in their plays 'Discourse on Method' and 'Phaedo' that the Soul in Immortal. It compares their thoughts about this claim and then argues whether these claims convince the reader about the immortality of the Soul or not. This paper has been written using the APA writing style.


I. Descartes claims ' The Soul is Immortal'

II. Plato claims ' The Soul is Immortal'

III. Comparison between Descartes and Plato's assertions

IV. Can these assertions convince the reader that 'The Soul is Immortal'

Descartes claims ' The Soul is Immortal'.

Descartes in 'Discourse on Method' supports his claim about the immortality of the soul through different arguments. In Discourse on Method Descartes' tries to explain his method of reasoning for even the most complex problems. He exemplifies the development of this method through brief autobiographical sketches mingled with philosophical arguments.

In part, five of 'Discourse on Method', Descartes shifts his discussion from the theory of light to theories about human structure. Descartes ponders over the fact that animals are similar to human beings as they have many of the same organs as humans but the thing that separates them from humans is the lack of powers of speech or reasoning. He signifies this difference as the evidence of humankind's 'rational or lucid soul.' He observes the mysterious connection of the soul to the body of a human and then concludes that the soul must have a life outside the human body therefore, it must not expire when the human body expires. As Descartes is unable to imagine a way by which the soul could expire or be killed, he is forced to conclude that the soul...