Of Sound Mind by Jean Ferris

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In the story Of Sound Mind, by Jean Ferris a young boy named Theo is struggling in his senior year of high school. Not only because of the choices he has to make for which college to go to. He also has to live with the stress of having to be his family?s interpreter; both his parents and younger brother are deaf. His mother Palma is very self-absorbed and careless to see and care about others feelings. Theo sees a young girl at the bus stop one day and is instantly attracted to her. He begins to sign to himself, but quickly stops when he realizes what he was doing. They both see each other at school one day. Ivy, the girl from the bus stop signs HI to him. He wasn?t quite sure of what to do. He eventually signs back with slight hesitation. Ivy ends up being bilingual like him in both English and Sign language, which made their relationship special because they share common interests.

Later in the story Thomas, Theo?s dad gets ill, he has a stroke while at Ivy?s house paralyzing his left side. Palma frightened of her husbands conditions and the uncertainties she must face. Unsure of what to do everything is left up to Theo once again. They eventually hire Hazel and Harry a couple to help with Thomas in the afternoon. Palma doesn?t seem to like them as time passes, so she stays in her studio all day. Before Thomas became ill, Theo wanted to leave and get away from the stress that Palma places upon him. But once the accident happened, he knew he would never be able to get out. Ivy and Theo get into an argument and aren?t speaking. On the day Thomas dies Theo walks into...