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"The Sound of Music" was by far the greatest musical success for the team of Rodgers and Hammerstein. I chose this musical because of the lyrical and musical talent of these two men. I have enjoyed watching this classic numerous time throughout the years due to my mother's influence. She exposed my brother and I to many different types of music, teaching us to appreciate the style of each artist.

"The Sound of Music" was directed and produced by Robert Wise, although he was not the first choice, he did indeed prove to be the best. Richard Rodgers wrote the music with the lyrics by Oscar Hammerstein II.

The plot revolved around a nun who wasn't any good at being a nun was sent to the houshold as a punishment, but ended up falling in love with the army general that lived there and they got married and escaped from the Nazi filled Austria.

The wedding scene, the music here is a rendition of "Maria" but, bolder with a marching tempo to it, as she walks down the aisle. Upon returning from their honeymoon the couple find that the Nazi's have occupied Austria and are expecting the Captain to take a commission in Germany Navy.

They use the folk festival as a front as they look for a way to escape into the mountains. They end up with help from the nuns at the abbey to get away from the Germans, and they cross the mountains into Switzerland. The music of "Climb every Mountain" is a very dramatic song as they show them walking across the mountains into freedom.

My personal favorite part of the movie was the part where Maria first came to the house. The father then proceeded to use a dog whistle to call...