Sound of Music-Historical Review.

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A Historical Review of The Sound of Music

I chose to review this movie for many reasons. First of all, because it is one of the better "classic" movies and my mom has always liked it. But most importantly of all my mom owns the movie and I didn't want to pay money to rent a movie. I had seen the movie before, but I was very young at the time and didn't remember a whole lot of it. Probably because I fell asleep half way through the 3 hour movie. I have seen other movies about World War II, but none that have involved this specific area or time in the war. Before I watched the movie, I didn't expect to find that many historical facts about the movie. I did however expect people to burst into song at random times in the movie.

The only place where I could pinpoint the date of the movie's events came near the end of the first tape.

However, I could somewhat tell that it took place in the 20th century by the use of cars. Later in the movie, I could narrow the date because they mentioned the Nazi party and Hitler. This places the movie within the years 1923 and 1945. The final date that I arrived at came when they mentioned the Anschluss of Nazi Germany and Austria, which happened March 13, 1938.

I was surprised to find that The Sound of Music was actually based on a true story, so there were quite a few historical figures. Maria von Kutschera and Georg von Trapp were the two most accurate historical figures. Maria although accurately portrayed as a nun at the Nonnberg Abbey in Salzburg, had a few discrepancies. In the movie her last name was Rainer instead of...